COVID Guidelines


Since reopening after lockdown, we have made sure to impliment some new changes to The Fox Inn pub and The Vixen restaurant, in order to protect both our customers and staff. 

As part of the Government's Track and Trace system, all customers will be required to fill out a form with their name, number and address. These sheets will have a time and date, If you have come into contact with anyone who tests positive for covid; you will be immediatley alerted to self isolate.
These forms will be kept for three weeks before being destroyed; so your information will be kept confidential and safe.


We have multiple sanitising stations throughout the pub for customer use.


All of our tables both in the pub and restaurant are the appropriate distance apart, making sure the 1m+ rule is kept to at all times.
Only 6 people are allowed to any one table. larger groups will be put under seperate bookings and on seperate tables. These tables will be next to eachother so as to create the best experience for you, however we must stick to this rule that is set out within the Government guidelines.


All of our staff will wear masks when brining out your food, and are more than happy to wear them at all times when coming into contact with you if that makes you feel more comfrotable. All food is brought out with sterile napkins which will be binned after each use.


All menus are printed with one to each table and will be destroyed after each use so as to not cross contaminate.


We also have a one way system throughout the pub; the front door as the entrance and then signs will lead you to the exit through the restaurant's fire door.




The Fox Inn

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10:30am till 11:30pm

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Restaurant Open

Thursday - Monday


Thurs - 6pm - 9pm

Fri & Sat - 12pm - 2:30pm & 

6pm - 9pm

Sun - 12pm - 7pm

Mon 6pm - 9pm


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